The walnut tree originally comes from Central Asia and Europe. Today it is cultivated in many places around the world, including in southern Sweden where it is probably perceived as an exotic element in the Swedish fauna. The tree is cultivated both for its timber and for its nuts. The wood is used, among other things, for fine carpentry and is found in some of the best and most expensive instruments in the world.

The walnut itself then? - Well, it's not just any nut, it's a stone fruit, a super fruit that's great for our health.


Properties and use

In addition to the already mentioned properties of the walnut tree, there are more. The wood is durable and glossy, which means that it is appreciated in furniture manufacturing. Moldings, floors, cabinets and doors are also popular to make from walnut wood, which gives a very nice surface finish.

The color of the wood varies from light beige, grey-brown/chocolate brown and over to red-brown/dark brown. The veining also varies from flaming to being very strongly patterned.



At AlmaForm we envision many beautiful interior details where
walnut wood will make up all or part of the detail. We also like
that the wood is durable, easy to process and stable. Think of a
beautiful bowl in walnut wood filled with lovely, healthy fruits from the
walnut – a beautiful interior detail.

Facts & text: Ann-Sophie Gottryder