Surprising and innovative where no two products are alike. Old wooden products are taken care of, taken apart and processed. The result - a completely new, unique and exciting interior detail.

AlmaForm has already started working with panels in 100% recycled wood from old barns and mills, with a first completed project for the flower shop Blomsterpinglan.

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Mission for Blomsterpinglan

Make-over for Flower Shop

Blomsterpinglan had seen one of our Instagram posts with massive elm wooden boards - contacted us to get these as worktops in the shop. We then also suggested recycled wood to cover the lower part with.

100% recycled wood

The panels are made from old barns and mills from northern Europe. Delivered in pieces of various woods that have been brushed - and with nail holes and beautiful blemishes. This wood comes from times when wood was free of chemicals and has been "treated" by sun, wind and rain for decades.

Prepared - and with fine-tuning on site

The panel came in pieces of different widths and was so beautiful! We glued on OSB in the Carpentry workshop, and fine-tuned on site.

Fits in with other types of wood

Since Blomsterpinglan has many other products and furniture in the store made of different types of wood, this panel - with its different shifts in tones - became a perfect addition that ties everything together.

Plain white cabinet & wallpaper

Before, you could only see the walls of the lower cabinet for the cash registers on one side and a floral wallpaper on the other.

Harmonious whole

The panel of recycled wood lifts the store and creates a harmonious whole. Now to continue working with the massive worktops in elm, which should retain their natural edges.


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