Standing under a magnificent and blooming cherry tree in the spring or eating the tasty juicy berries in brown-red in the autumn is for many a wonderful experience.

In Japan as well as in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, the blooming cherry trees are an annual tourist attraction where thousands of people come to enjoy the beauty of the trees.


Properties and use

The cherry tree has been cultivated since the early 17th century and is highly prized for its external attributes such as the flowers and berries, but it is just as prized for its fine interior. The wood is yellow-green to reddish-brown in color and has clear annual rings.

Although the wood is hard, it is both bendable and elastic and thus easy to process. The wood is used for handicrafts, furniture production and to create exclusive interior details.



At AlmaForm, we have chosen cherry wood because it is easy to work with and because the properties of the wood give a nice surface finish to our products. We also appreciate how the beautiful colors of the wood contribute to the various interior details we manufacture.

Facts & text: Ann-Sophie Gottryder