In addition to AlmaForm's finished products in the webshop, we also make special orders - both for companies and private individuals.

Here below we show two of our customers TEN Hotel and Blomsterpinglan.

TEN Hotel

TEN Hotel; go-lunch & wooden orderer

AlmaForm's closest neighbors are TEN Hotel, where we eat Väsby's best and tastiest lunch a few times a week.

The kitchen cutting board needed some love

Since TEN also has very nice staff, who were curious about what we were working on, we soon received a request to spruce up their large oak cutting board.

Was like new!

Manfred sanded off the cutting board and oiled it - it was like new!

Knife sharp burnt logo

We also laser burned in the hotel's logo. We can burn digital objects up to 30 cm. Since Alexandra is also a graphic designer, we can create a basis for basically anything.

Now it was time for the bread cutting board

The refreshed standard cutting board needed a side-kick - in the form of a massive bread cutting board. We drew and tested a few different layouts, and the results turned out so well! It will appear in our series going forward. See more pictures here

Next up: "Fruit boxes"

TEN Hotel has, as I said, magically good lunches and breakfast buffets, where they wanted boxes to use both at the height and to have bread, fruit, napkins, etc. in.

Flower pinglan

Desire for more organic checkout counters

The sisters who run Blomsterpinglan in Väsby Centrum saw one of our Instagram posts with massive large wooden boards of elm. They wanted cash registers like that! :-)

Many different types of wood

In their cozy flower shop, they have many different types of wood in boxes, cases, shelves and products.

Underlay of reclaimed barn walls

As a base for the cash desks, we therefore chose to buy ready-made panels, made from 70-year-old barn walls in mixed woods. Will look so nice together with the new massive cash registers.

Nice to meet our customers!

The panel came in pieces of different widths and was so beautiful! We first glued on OSB in the carpentry workshop. Both Manfred and Alexandra were then fine-tuning on site at Blomsterpinglan.

Before (sidebar)

Before, you could only see the walls of the lower cabinet for the cash registers on one side and a floral wallpaper on the other.

After (sidebar)

The reclaimed wood panel lifts the shop and creates a harmonious whole.

Table top in solid ALM

Massive table tops in ALM - including so-called live-edge, i.e. the pages have their natural edge.

Before and after (side + top)

Now both the side panel in recycled wood and the top boards in ALM are in place, and have given the shop a lift. The organic impression requested by the customer is the first thing you see when you step inside the doors of the store.

Flowers + wood = true

Laying different flowers on the beautiful elm bench is pure joy!


Perhaps you have a wooden idea for your home or business? Feel free to contact us.