There are probably many people who have picked pears directly from the tree at some point and know how good they can taste. But few know how fantastic the tree's wood actually looks on the inside.


Properties and use

The pear tree is unique in many ways, not least because of the good fruit but also because of the many different shades that the wood itself can have. It is easy to think that a cutting board made of only pear wood consists of several different types of wood, but no - it is only the pear wood in all its different shades of color that you see.

Pear wood is rather low in twigs and in the past the wood was used to make, for example, angle hooks, rulers and counting sticks. Today, the wood is highly valued for fine carpentry and the creation of beautiful interior details, furniture or musical instruments.



We at AlmaForm have chosen the pear tree partly because it is a dense, hard, bendable and easy-to-work wood - but above all for its beauty, where the many different shades of the wood create the uniqueness that we want to bring out in our products.


Facts & text: Ann-Sophie Gottryder