Everything starts with a tree

Wood is a fantastic and exciting material to work with, where one plank is not the same as the other. Organic beautiful pattern that can really decorate a kitchen and home.

We buy from serious wood dealers

We have hand-picked the wood we use in our production from serious players.

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At wood dealers in Germany

Since this is our first joint company, we take the opportunity to have fun while we work. Every day - and also, for example, on a shopping trip to a wood supplier in Germany.

The carpentry workshop and how we work

Here you can follow the entire process of how AlmaForm works with the wood products; from being a tree to decorating your kitchen.

Modern workshop in Stockholm

In Uppland's Väsby is the Carpentry Workshop. 100 sqm for carpentry fun downstairs and 100 sqm office & showroom upstairs.

Many different types and sizes of wood

There is something special about old trees that have lived a long life. Over the years, they have created a uniquely beautiful wood. We at AlmaForm buy just that timber. The trees are old and at the end of their life cycle.

Special wood

In addition to the usual types of wood for cutting boards, we have also bought some more special ones, for example Mappa Burl (poplar) and olive wood chips to create tables from, also known as River Tables with epoxy details.

Moisture content is important

When we buy wood, we always check the moisture content - then let the wood lie for a few more weeks in our own warehouse - to avoid it warping or cracking in the finished products.

Site-built furniture for the workshop

When we were going to equip the 100 square meter workshop, there wasn't quite the furniture that would be optimal - Manfred has therefore built on-site storage units, cabinets, glue tables, oil troughs, etc.

Planning and sketching

Alexandra comes down from the office to brainstorm new designs and products together with Manfred.


Both in the series STRIPE and other products, the gluing of the wooden pieces is important. We often have a bunch of cutting boards drying in the glue rack.

Sawing & chamfering

After gluing, it's time to saw the products, make sure that handles are made on the cutting boards and that all edges get a smooth rounding.

Fine plastering

A final hand application with honest sandpaper to remove the last sharp edges. A wooden product should feel nice to hold.

Our burned-in signature

We are so proud of everything we do, and it is with joy that we burn the logo. If you want your own logo on the product - no problem with our razor-sharp laser, read more here.

Time for SPA!

Wood is an organic material that becomes extra resistant and durable after a few hours in our large oil bath.


Above the workshop we have our office, showroom and lounge. Here we also have our logistics center where we pack the products. Want to give something away as a gift? We are happy to wrap and create a beautiful gift.


A jar of WoodBalm and a smart friction cloth INCLUDED with all purchases of AlmaForm cutting boards.

Decorate your kitchen and home

We hope that all our products that we send are used a lot - may stand out and become a beautiful interior detail in your home.


Finished products from our webshop or made-to-measure?