The taste of maple syrup on freshly baked pancakes. Play and mischief with the maple's sticky seed capsule that looks like a nose – on the nose. Fantastic and beautiful autumn colors in yellow, orange and red - blood red.

The maple is prized for so much and we haven't even gotten
to its useful wood yet.


Properties and use

The maple immigrated to Sweden around 7,000 years ago and is found as high up as in southern Norrland. It is a hardy deciduous tree that is also very useful. For example, it has a high fuel value and is used for charcoal and briquette production. In the past, bread rolls and mangelrolls were made from maple wood, but also string instruments.

Today, the area of ​​use is larger where the wood is used for furniture, toys, rifle butts, rasps, tool handles, veneer and parquet. The maple wood is white/yellow-white – light brown in colour.



There are several reasons for AlmaForm's choice of maple wood. The wood sometimes has a wavy fiber structure, which gives a lovely flaming pattern. The wood is hard, heavy and elastic and at the same time easy to work with. The annual rings are clear and sometimes beautifully flamed with a fine shimmer that contributes to the beauty of the wood.

Also the possibilities for a versatile creation of different products is an important reason for choosing maple. If you like bright tree species, maple is a favorite.

Facts & text: Ann-Sophie Gottryder