1.6 billion people in the world depend on forests for work and sustenance.

70 percent of the world's terrestrial plant and animal species live in forest ecosystems.


We buy wood from the Prosperous Forest

Do you want to enjoy beautiful and unique interior details from different types of wood in your home? Or maybe give someone you like a nice wooden gift? We at AlmaForm create this opportunity for you. We manufacture nice things for your home where we are also keen that the wood we use comes from a Well-being forest.

Well-being forest provides beautiful, unique interior details to decorate your home with

We have actively chosen not to use wood from those parts of the world where there are obvious risks with the credibility of where the wood comes from and how it was produced.

A healthy forest that is allowed to grow strong and powerful, where life and nature coexist - that is a Well-being forest. The wood from the forest can never be better than the tree it comes from.

Every time you buy something beautiful for your home from us at AlmaForm, you contribute to a prosperous forest. We want you to be able to enjoy beautiful and unique wooden interior details in your own home and to know that you are at the same time creating the conditions for new trees to grow. Grow in a prosperous forest.

At AlmaForm we care about our resources. We think long-term and sustainably. We think Prosperous forest. Our vision is to take responsibility for our trees and our forest while making something nice for your home. We borrow from nature and give back. As our customer, you are part of it, and we thank you for that.

Fruit trees give a taste of the goodness of life and beautiful wood

Beautiful fruit trees overflowing with fruit, full of flavor and energy. A wonderful resource for all animals and people.

Fruit trees are planted precisely with the purpose of producing fruit. When, after many years, the tree has completed its task and no longer has the power to bear fruit, it will be cut down and make room for a new one. These old trees are often in poor condition for the large-scale wood industry - but perfect for us at AlmaForm and our products! We take care of the wood from the old tree, which, instead of lying and rotting or being burned, becomes a beautiful interior detail in your home. We think that's good!

Old trees become something new and beautiful

There is something special about old trees that have lived a long life. Over the years, they have created a uniquely beautiful wood. We at AlmaForm buy precisely that wood. The trees are old and at the end of their life cycle. Did you know that carbon dioxide is released from trees that die and rot? But that living, healthy trees instead bind the carbon dioxide to themselves. When we buy wood from the old trees, we make room for new trees to grow and sequester carbon dioxide. An additional plus - you have the opportunity to buy a beautiful, unique wooden product from this particular tree. Read more about Large carbon emissions from dead trees - | forskning.se

AlmaForm buys certified and takes responsibility for vital forests

The forest gives us clean water, fresh air, wood to build houses with or to create beautiful things of. It gives us wonderful forest walks, good food, medicine and helps to bind carbon dioxide. The forest is a vital gift to us humans. Responsible forestry ensures that, in the long term, the forest can continue to provide people, animals and plants with both vital resources and life, but also fantastic nature experiences.


We at AlmaForm like to buy wood products with FSC and PEFC labeling to take our responsibility for sustainable forestry and the Prosperous Forest.

Both FSC and PEFC are organizations that work for that the world's forests must be managed in a responsible, long-term and sustainable manner. Both organizations have set requirements and standards for how responsible forestry is carried out with a holistic view that includes climate, biological diversity, social values ​​and economics. FSC and PEFC certify actors in the forest industry where their respective labeling on wood products shows that specific requirements for sustainable forestry are met.

Read more about how the two organizations work with responsible forestry and certification on PEFC or FSC:
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes)

European wood

AlmaForm buys European wood because the EU wants more and prosperous forests

Within the EU, a plan has been drawn up for the European forests with strategies and concrete measures for sustainability and renewal. The aim is to increase the number of forests and at the same time ensure that the forests are prosperous.

For us at AlmaForm, this feels very good because all the wood we buy comes from the European forests. We think the EU's plan contains many good and long-term measures.

If you want to read more about the EU's forest strategies, you can do so at New EU Forest Strategy for 2030

Facts & text: Ann-Sophie Gottryder